Katherine Walter Equestrian PERFORMANCE Coach


About Myself

Name: Katherine Walter

Qualifications: BA (Hons) BHSAI, BHSInt Teach (Reg'd), UKCC,RWYM™ NLP Practitioner

Area: Norfolk/Suffolk UK


Email: info@katherinewalter.co.uk


01508 521800

My Aim

My aim as a coach is to give the rider the ‘tool kit’ to help them understand and gain control over their body which then enables them to ride in partnership with their horse and to have influence on their horse rather than being a passenger. I aim to deepen the riders feel of engagement within themselves thus leading to a better understanding and feeling of engagement in their horse”

"A centered, balanced rider with good awareness of her body and that of her horse can help her horse move with balance and freedom of motion"  


bridget@rebelremedies.co.uk from www.rebelremedies.co.uk -

Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship and holder of the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate of Horsemanship.


Equine Instruction

Katherine Walter BA(Hons) BHSAI, BHSInt Teach (Reg'd), UKCC,RWYM™ NLP accredited Biomechanics coach trains with the internationally renowned biomechanics instructor and author Mary Wanless (BSc, BHSI).


Katherine has also trained with Rossie Theobald (BHSI reg’d and BHS Chief examiner), John Lassetter (FABRS, BHSI, BITC). Tamsin Conyers (BSJA Coach), Sue Barber, specialist Coach in Classical Equitation and trainer for the UK Working Equitation team.


She rides and practises the art of classical dressage, as passed down by the great masters,including François Robichon de la Guérinière, Erik Herbermann, Alois Podhajsky and Nuno Oliveira. "Let us look back to the past: it will be a step forward." (Guiseppe Verdi)


Along with her British Horse Society Instruction and RWYM™ accreditation, Katherine practises Sally Swift’s ’Centered Riding’ methods and equine pilates approaches.


As a biomechanics trainer, Katherine

lectures and coaches to individuals and

groups of all ages and abilities.


Katherine is available to teach individuals or groups from novice to professional on your own horse or at your local equestrian centre across East Anglia.


Lecturing and clinics are offered throughout the UK.

Contact info@katherinewalter.co.uk

NEW: Coaching at Weston Equestrian Centre, every Saturday from 9am.

To book a lesson call Tamsin Conyers on 07776 137730 or

01603 872247